We have chosen wayanad .

Wayanad is on the tip of the southern part of the Deccan Plateau in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2100m. As a part of Ghats, it is a part of world heritage site (UNESCO)with a high biodiversity in the world and is home to thousands of animal species including at least 325 globally threatened species. So we want to develop Wayanad and the people, by improving awareness knowledge and facilitating and being very careful protecting its ecosystem. Make a difference.

Many of our employees are from Wayanad
We want help the backward people

Increas Creativity

Altitude ∝ Creativity

Improve Productivity
Good Air

Good Air ∝ Quality

Happier Employees
Good Health

Gives Us Happy Customers

love one another

Chembra Peak - Great Heart Lake

325 globally threatened species

288 freshwater fish species are listed for the Western Ghats, including 35 also known from brackish or marine water.There are at least 508 bird species.There are at least 139 mammal species. Of the 16 endemic mammals, 13 are threatened and amongst the 32 threatened species

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